Monday, April 11, 2016

posted Apr 11, 2016, 7:16 AM by Unknown user

Track students should be released at 2:50 today to get ready for their bus.


MS /HS Band:  you will be meeting during Homeroom today to talk about Large Group Festival and practice!      


Remember that April is Autism Awareness Month.    Students can purchase a puzzle piece for a dollar for the tree in the entryway.  Contact any NHS member or Ms Hittesdorf. 


Collin, Cam, Morgan, Kayla, Josie and Tristan:  remember to do a pre-excused and get parent permission for the UW-Platteville Junior Shadow Day on Thursday. 


Seniors:  This Thursday you will be attending the Colony Brands Career/Scholarship Day.  The bus will leave at 12:00 so you will eat early. 


Sophomores will be attending the Reality Check in Monroe on Thursday, April 14th.  Your bus will leave at 12:45 and you will be back by 3:00. 


Midwest Scholastic will be here on Monday, April 18th to meet with Freshmen during Homeroom about class rings. 


Wish Alexis a very Happy Birthday today!   


Autism Fact:    The CDC says that around 1 in 48 children in America are on the autism spectrum.