School Store

Help raise money for our Elementary School

Go to and enter the following information for our school,

School Name: Argyle Public School,

City: Argyle,

Zip Code: 53504

When school families and friends shop at their favorite online stores through, everybody wins! is an online shopping mall where over 350 nationally-known merchants have agreed to give a percentage of sales to K-12 schools. Companies like Walmart, Sears, Target, Disney Store, Family Book Store and Barnes & Noble participate.

Customers help your school by making everyday purchases from the nation's top online merchants...with NO COST and NO RISK for your school.

1.Shop the family book store (students earn prizes)

2.Donate a gift card (students earn prizes plus classroom receives gift cards)

3.Shop online with a list of merchants (percentage goes to the school)

This is a screen shot of what information is needed for when you go to