Tuesday, 10-21-2014

Post date: Oct 21, 2014 2:39:56 PM

Play Practice this week will be all of Act 2 at 6:00 am.

There will be a Student Council meeting today during SCT in Mr. Wellenstein’s room.

5th & 6th grade boys will have basketball practice tonight at 6:00 in the elementary gym.

Thursday is picture retake day. There are order forms in the office if you didn’t pay the first time.

Seniors: If you have any throwback pictures of the senior class, please get them to Jenna.

Tuesday Trivia: What two cities have the same name, are the largest in their states, but are not state capitals?

Thought of the Day: We often have to put up with most from those on whom we most depend on. (Baltasar Gracian)