Wednesday's Announcements

Post date: Sep 19, 2012 2:43:38 PM


Jaden - funeral noon

Whitney - ortho appt

Tomasina -ill


David - Dentist 2:30



Katie - Otho appt. am

Kelsee - funeral noon

Kayla - ortho appt. am


Jessica - Dr appt

Rachel - Dr appt. 9:00

Lizzy - Jostens Work

Ally - Dentist 2:30


Kim - Jostens Workshop

Kayla – Jostens Workshop


There will be a post prom meeting for all juniors and junior parents tonight at 7:00 PM. Please plan on attending.

Mr. Dalton will be here tomorrow at 8:30 am to measure the Homecoming Court for tuxes.

The following students have not turned in their computer agreements and should not be using the school’s computers:

7th Bryce, Mason, Nick, Tionna, Dylan, Jason

8th Brandon

9th Diego, Katrina, Karissa, Sarah, Sloan, Will, Kylie, Eric, Katie L., Brittany, Kelsee

10th Ally, Hannah H., Kylie, Codie, Tristan, Tyler,

11th Brady, Haleigh, Alysha,

12th Tanisha, Stacie, Justin, Tory

Please wish a Happy Birthday to Dylan and Emily.

Thought of the Day “I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.” - Oprah Winfrey