Argyle Booster Club


The Argyle Booster Club is an all-volunteer organization committed to supporting the administration, staff, students, coaches, athletes, and school programs of the Argyle School District. Our mission is to facilitate and promote the activities and academics of the district. The Booster Club collaborates with our school and the community to identify specific unmet needs throughout all areas, including building morale, boosting attendance, and providing an enjoyable, healthy environment for every Argyle student. The Booster Club raises its own funds to meet these objectives. As we all know, school budgets and government funding don’t reach as far as they used to. This is where the Booster Club plays a role to fill that gap.

There is a misconception that the Booster Club only provides for the high school and the athletic programs. The Booster Club is so much more! Over the years, the Booster Club has been instrumental in acquiring for the Argyle School District some of the following…and much, much more!:

· E-Beams, VCR/DVD players/TVs with stands

· A computer & monitor for the lunch program

· New chairs and instruments for the music department

· Shirts for championship games

· Security cameras

· Popsicles for the elementary year-end parties

· Oriole Mascot Outfit

· Additional speakers for the cafetorium

· Outdoor recess equipment like sleds

· Indoor equipment like games & craft supplies

· Book sets for elementary students

· Art program supplies

· Outside basketball hoops for playground

· Rocking chair for the kindergarten room

· Extra hats and mittens for elementary students

· Scholarships for graduating seniors

· Reimbursement to first time ACT-takers for the cost of taking the test in order to encourage more participation

We also sponsor several school programs, including guest speakers for both elementary and high school students, an annual welcome back breakfast for teachersl, self-defense classes, and halftime activities during basketball home games.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the school cafetorium.

If you’d like to become more involved with helping out the Argyle Schools with their needs, please come to a meeting! We welcome your input and energy!

The Argyle Booster Club Members

Mike Godfrey, President