The Craft Fair

The 37th annual Argyle community craft fair was on December 1st. The craft fair is hosted by the Argyle FFA Chapter. This year the craft fair brought over 800 people through the doors. It was a very successful year for everyone involved. The craft fair raised just under 3,000 dollars. The FFA plans to use the money raised from the event to pay for different leadership conferences fees.

Winter Wonderland

Produced by Bonnie Vlasak & Beth Fransen

Every year the community hosts its annual Winter Wonderland, full of fun and laughs. Many people, of all ages, participate in the skits and songs. Everyone who comes to the show is treated to a delicious meal. It is very entertaining for the whole family.

Guess That Saying: Journalism Edition

Matching game. Match the letter of the student from the Journalism class with what they are known to say.

a. Jena Saalsaa

b. Rachel Uletzen

c. Ms. Montgomery

d. Thomisina Beranek

e. Hailey Thompson

f. Chantel Stuessy

1) "Mmmmm bet"


3) "Fri-YAY!!"

4) "Take that C and run with it."

5) "Wicked cool my homie."

6) "You got your pages done?"

On December 19, Mr. Greg Koeller directed the middle and high school band and choir in their Holiday Concert along with the elementary concert. The bands and choirs practiced a lot for their holiday concert. They picked out an assortment of fun, festive holiday songs for the community's enjoyment. Some of the songs included holiday classics like Sleigh Ride preformed by the choir and Themes from the Nutcracker preformed by the band.

Answers: 1) d 2) e 3) b 4) a 5) f 6) c